Posted by: Wink | January 23, 2015

Some Vietnam cycling pics

The “roads” we are riding on are generally narrow paths. Lots of motor bikes – often with two or three people on board – and the occasional truck also share the road with us. The adults on the motorbikes are required by law to wear helmets but the babies and children are not.
We see children cycling home from school, guys on motorbikes pulling carts full of pigs to market, motorbikes piled high with building materials, beer, recycling, geese, stacks of egg cartons…you name it. We pass small markets, men in hammocks, rice drying in front of houses, fishermen on skiffs, people selling fresh fruit and veggies from their boats to residents along the river, hair salons, families gathered on front porches, ducks, cocks (for fighting), people working in rice paddies, women washing clothes in the river (and sometimes talking on their cell phones at the same time! See photo). It is a feast for the eyes and ears. When we want to pass other riders we say “wawa” which means excuse me – passing!
Everywhere we ride, we are greeted with young voices singing “hello” as we pass by. The kids especially like to high – five us and they love to have their picture taken and then see it on our digital cameras.
We have several local guides, Dat and Van, and two drivers. Dat is 26 and has a new baby. In addition to guiding, he raises pythons to sell.


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