Posted by: Wink | April 29, 2012

Machu Picchu

After hiking into Machu Picchu (the ‘old mountain’) through the Sun Gate, we returned today by bus that requires 13 hairpin turns and switchbacks up an incredibly steep mountainside. Machu Picchu is mind boggling to think of the manpower it required to build – 80,000 people 90 years. We liked the sun temple which had two windows, where the sun comes in during the two solstices. Also liked the ruler’s house which had the only “bathroom” in Machu Picchu. (You wouldn’t believe some of the toilets we used along the trail…thank god for hand sanitizer)

Of course it was also overrun with tourists (2500 per day) which made us appreciate that this trip was more about the journey and all that we’ve learned about the Incan culture by walking the trail and seeing many different ruins – than it was about arriving at our destination. Despite the crowds our guide Santiago gave us a tour and a great description of the Incan culture and their engineering.

We are returning today to Cusco by train along the raging class five Urubamba River and then by bus. We have the morning in Cuzco and then fly home tomorrow night.

Love to all.

Dave and Wink.

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