Posted by: Wink | April 25, 2012

25 April, 2012 12:02

We spent the day in the Sacred Valley. Visited Ottylambamba where we visited an Incan home. They raise guinea pigs, which they eat. Sorry Mags – we tried some when we were in Lima. Pretty tasty ( we also tried alpaca last night but we think it is an acquired taste) We then toured the ruins on an Incan temple destroyed by the Spanish when they came in the mid 1500s. They built granaries to store their grains high on the cliff sides. Much like the Anasazi did in the Grand Canyon as well as the Indians at Mesa Verde. The photo of all of us on the ledge is next to a granary. Next we had a tout of an archeological site of an Incan “bio lab” at Masay where the Incans experimented with growing plants at different altitudes. After that we had a picnic in a tent overlooking Mt Veronica and Chincon which are glacier covered and 18,000 feet or so. Finally we hiked down to a series of terraced salt ponds that the pre Incans engineered

So we got some hiking and acclimating in and had a fun day.

Tomorrow we leave for the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu! We will spend three nights on the trail in tents.

Love to all!


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