Posted by: Wink | February 10, 2011

Summer? fishing in New Zealand

Here we are in the tent, giggling, the next morning. Simon, our fishing guide reckoned that the temp dipped to freezing and we’d concur. We had every piece of clothing on that we could find! The southerly winds were whipping across the lake, bringing the cold antarctic air (the opposite of what we’re used to) and it had rained off and on during the night

It did warm up, and we had a few rainbows before breakfast (eggs, bacon and potatoes). Best of all, Wink had a couple of “hits” and Dave caught a nice brown trout that was about 20″ long. After a few hours of fishing, we departed for Lake Dunstan, after stopping for a fresh boysenberry ice cream cone for lunch. In NZ, they will take fresh fruit and put it in an auger with vanilla ice cream and combine it!

Late in the day, Simon dropped us off at our lodging for our LAST TWO NIGHTS in NZ. We had decided to spring for a big finale to our trip and treat ourselves to superb accommodations.
We were not disappointed…. see next blog post for photos of the spectacular Matakauri Lodge.

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