Posted by: Wink | February 2, 2011

Queenstown – Hyphen Capital of the Worldawa

No….we didn’t.

That is NOT Dave or me bungy jumping – just one of the over half a million people who have bungy jumped off the famous Kawarau Bridge – where bungy jumping originated – outside of Queenstown.

The smiling couple in our group (Kevin and Linda from Hershey, PA) did the jump while the rest of us applauded and video taped them as they soared over the turquoise blue Kawarau River in the Gibbston Valley outside of Queenstown.

Seems that Queenstown is hyphen happy.

Choose a word from column A, add a hyphen, then choose a word from column B. Add “ing” and you will get an outdoor thrill seeking adventure that you can do here in Queenstown.

A: heli, para, surf, cycle, hang, bungy, jet, kite, zip
B: Ski, glide, board, boat, hike, sail, jump, skate, dive

This morning, we visited an old gold mining town called Arrowtown, where in the late 1850’s, many Chinese gold seekers lived during the gold rush. Some of their very meager “homes” have been re-built and there is a small touristy street nearby. Then, on to the chiropractor. Oops, I mean bungy jumping. (The body jerk you get at the end of the drop looks like a spinal adjustment.) Jon was being a bit circumspect about where we would have lunch and sent us off on a 5K hike along the Kawarau River to the Peregrine Winery (good pinot noir). Afterward, he surprised us by turning into his own driveway and treating as all to lunch at his home – made by his lovely wife, Allie, who is currently enrolled in a cooking class! She served us a delicious meal – whitebait (a delicacy of small white minnows), green mussels, salmon and pavlova (meringue dessert) and we had a chance to see his unique home complete with chickens, garden, hot tub, and a small pond/stream that flowed under the house.

Now we’re in Queenstown, and a bit whelmed over by all of the bikini clad sunbathers, beer cafes, outdoor music and crowds of shoppers and tourists (a lot of Asians). There is a lovely arboretum next to our Novotel and we’re planning to head out for a walk. May go to the Minus 5 degrees ice bar for a vodka later on!

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