Posted by: Wink | February 2, 2011

Rob Roy Glacier…Are we bush walking, tramping, backpacking or taking a wee dawdle?

Each is defined differently. Backpacking in New Zealand means that you carry a backpack and stay in hostels. Backpackers may never set foot on a trail. Tramping is hiking and camping. We are doing more than taking a wee dawdle – we are bush walking.

Today, after breakfast at our B&B, we drove up along the west side of Wanaka Lake about an hour – much of the drive on a gravel road – to the trailhead to Mt. Aspiring. Apparently, Shania Twain has purchased an entire valley that we passed by on our way. We packed a lunch and hiked up to Rob Roy Glacier. This was a gorgeous hike that included walking through sheep pasture, crossing a suspension bridge and following the river that comes out from the Rob Roy Glacier.

The trail took us to a beautiful box canyon, where we could see the glacier above us as well as 6-7 waterfalls. In some cases, the wind blew the waterfalls “up” into the air where they dispersed. One of the waterfalls had such a huge drop that the wind dispersed the spray so that it vaporized. We had our lunch only after we donned our extra fleece, hats, gloves and windbreakers as it was cool and a bit overcast.

In a separate post, I’ll attach photos of the sheep, kea (huge green parrots) that hung around us begging for scraps and a wren that we saw on this hike.

Tonight, we are in Wanaka again and we are on our own for dinner. We found the local wine store, of course, and are eating some cheese and crackers with it before going out for some Indian (!) fare.


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