Posted by: Wink | January 26, 2011

Hiking in Abel Tasman Park

Last evening, we had a little bit of time in Nelson, the sunniest city in New Zealand, before going to our hotel for the night. This morning we drove north a short way, then took a water taxi up the coast to a gorgeous beach (Torrent Bay) where we began a 4 1/2 hour hike along the coastline to Awaroa Lodge. The path is well used, taking you up headlands through tropical forests with huge ferns and gorgeous dense undergrowth. Then down to beautiful beaches with turquoise water and sand the color and texture of corn meal – from a type of granite found here. We carried our lunch and stopped at Bank’s beach to eat. At around 5pm, we arrived at Awaroa Lodge – a really funky spot with outlying cabins and a central lodge that seems unlikely to be here in this remote park. We went down to the beach to take a swim before dinner, wading in shallow water for quite a distance before reaching a depth where we could immerse. Dave was in front of me (Wink) and we were enjoying the water until I saw a 30″ shark swim between us. I said “There’s a shark!” You never saw Dave move so fast – jumping through the water to return to shore…

Our group had the Auntsfield wine last night – plenty of it – and then had pizza outside at a picnic table. It was a fun night, now that we’ve all gotten to know one another.

After dinner, we walked down to the beach at sunset (which is late – around 10pm).

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