Posted by: Wink | January 24, 2011

Who needed January 22 anyway?

We’re here in Christchurch, NZ! Life goes on without a January 22.

Now that we have your attention… that is not Dave sleeping on the 12 hour Air New Zealand flight. This guy has hair! This sculpture by Ron Mueck is on display in the art museum here, and we were stunned by these Gulliver sized realistic sculptures of people. The artist sculpts them in clay and then uses plastic (almost like doll material) and synthetic hair to create these.

We spent a delightful day here in Christchurch. Wandered through the spectacular botanical gardens – beautiful roses, enormous trees, hydrangea groves, and begonias the size of pizzas. We went to an open air market and bought souvlaki and Thai pancakes (!) for lunch from the vendors there. We weren’t too sleepy, so we managed to make the most of the day. Our Novotel is located in the center of town – Cathedral Square – so we walked all around the area and visited the cathedral.

We met our group and leader in the evening and went out for dinner – many of us in a bit of a sleep deprived stupor, especially after having some New Zealand pinot noir! We’re off today for a drive north to Kaikoura, where we’ll take a hike and see the coastline.


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