Posted by: Wink | January 24, 2011

What’s most noticeable about New Zealand, is what ISN’T here

What a beautiful day we had. We began with a 45 minute drive north to a crossroads, literally, where we had breakfast in a cafe. Then, more driving (with lots of commentary from our guide, Jon) toward Kaikoura. We stopped for a short hike, then took a longer one along the Kaikoura Peninsula. No interstates, no junky motels/hotels, no sprawl, no auto miles, no Micky D’s, no mega-mansions, no factories…..what we notice most is what isn’t here. The scenery is simply spectacular and the “feel” is pristine and simple. We had a picnic lunch on the cliffs and then descended down to the beach and watched the seals lolling in the sun. Then, on to our charming seaside hotel, called “The Waves”. We are all sharing two bedroom apartments, and can hear the surf rolling in and out from our open window. In the late afternoon, Jon suggested another, more strenuous hike, so some of us went. It was on the nearby mountain – a densely vegetated rainforest hike where we ascended to a waterfall. Dinner was at “The White Morph” next to our hotel. Delicious orange roughy – a popular NZ fish. See photo below. Our Wilderness Travel group is melding really nicely – we have a good variety of folks from all over the US and they are all gung-ho types who love to travel.


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  1. Looks great! Reminds me of the Otago Peninsula–so you needn’t regret not going there!


  2. Stunning! Looks like so far the weather is behaving itself as well! ENJOY!!!

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