Posted by: Wink | January 7, 2009

Twelve Days of Christmas – Useppa Versions


Christmas 2008

Useppa’s Twelve Days of Christmas
Idyllic Version

12 Carolers caroling
11 Kites-a-flying
10 Terns-a-diving
9 Fish-a-leaping
8 Boats-a-sailing
7 Kids-a-swimming
6 Dolphins playing
5 Angel’s wings
4 Croquet balls
3 Boat slips
2 Pelicans
And an osprey in a palm tree.

Useppa Reality Version:

12 Hungry house guests
11 Capsized sailboats
10 Stuffed up toilets
9 Grocery transfers
8 Docks with bird poop
7 Busted golf carts
6 Broken shutters
5 Scorpion stings
4 Hurricanes
3 Dead phones
2 Rusty bikes
And an island in the the blue sea.



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