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Ernie the Eaglet

A poem that includes the names of all of Squam Lake’s islands….

Ernie the Eaglet
By Winky and Maggie Merrill
Summer 2003

On the faraway waters of Squamy Squam Lake,
Ernie the eaglet’s young life was at stake.
From his Little Loon Perch, clinging tight to a Twig,
He flapped his wings crying, “I wish I were big!”

His parents would coo, “Ernie, don’t be a Loon
Squawking all day and night by the Moon;
You’ll fly by and by, you’re not full of lard
But first your tail feathers must measure a Yard.

Your Three Sisters all flew, and we’re sure so will you
Comb your hair, brush your teeth, wash your face in this Basin,
Good grooming habits cause maturity to hasten.”

“Well, OK”, Ernie said, with a nod of his head,
“But how come my wingtips are feeling like lead?
I fear that my muscles are simply not ready,
My confidence wanes and my wings are unsteady.”

One Sunday, Mom told him, “We’re going to Church,
We want you to stay put right here in this Birch.
When we come back, we’ll bring you a Mouse
So be good, do your homework and clean up the house.”

Ernie, forlorned, did what he was told
He mopped up the kitchen, gave the laundry a fold
But suddenly noises arose from below
A clattering bang and then a “Hello?”

Ernie peered downward and what did he see?
A canoe with a Bowman looking up at his tree.
With binoculars focussed, the birdwatcher spoke
“Oh my god, Kate, it’s an eaglet” he said with a croak.

And then, from the stern came a sing songy voice
“How majestic, how marvelous, how utterly choice!
We must tell everyone to protect it from peril
a bald eaglet on Squamy Squam – let’s go tell the Merrills!

Kent Kimball, I tell you, it cannot be true,
I haven’t seen eagles on Squamy Squam since I was two.
Back in the days when the horsepower was five,
And Laurel, my sister, had just learned to dive.”

Ernie, confused, gazed down upon Kate
Wondering why she thought his existence was Great.
To him, adolescence was far too much trouble
Like Groton Potatoes that take too Long to bubble.

Why, Ernie wondered, was he so in vogue?
Why not the Mink who lived over on Hoag?
Ducks, Otters or Sheep, weren’t they worthy?
What had turned Squamy Squam so topsy turvy?

Then, suddenly, Ernie felt something quite strange —
An urge to take flight, right over Squam Range.
He stretched out his wings to their fullest extent
Liftoff came quickly and, gently, he went.

“This is Utopia!”, Ernie shouted with pride
“I’m finally flying! It’s lovely to glide!”
He swooped and he dove, fluttered just like a leaf
Then landed with both feet, right on Hubble‘s reef.

From a distance, he spotted his parents returning
Won’t they be surprised by what I’ve been learning!
Far away in their boat, he saw Kate and Kent Kimball,
Won’t they be impressed by how I’m so nimble!

Then stretching his neck, he took off in flight
Soaring o’er Squamy Squam – oh what a sight!

Ernie the Eaglet

Ernie the Eaglet


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